2017 Scholarship Winners left to right:
Nicole Garcia, Heather Ah Cook, and Katherine S. Post.
Not pictured:  Jamae Valdez Balagot


Heather Ah Cook. Graduate student in the PharmD degree, graduation anticipated May 2020, Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy at University of Hawai’i, Hilo. Heather was interested in the health field because of her family history. Her great grandmother was a “Kahuna” and made several herbal medicines to help the Native Hawaiian Community. She wants to use the knowledge and discipline given by her elders to help her community.

Katherine S. Post. Graduate student in the PharmD degree, graduation expected May 2018, Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy at University of Hawai’i, Hilo.  Ever since she was young, she wanted to have a career in the medical field. She wants to be a pharmacist that works with patients to heal and recover. She herself has faced a shocking diagnosis and her journey has helped her gain empathy towards others. She is an active member in her cancer support group, Malama Ka Pili Pa’a, which currently does a lot in the Hilo community.

Jamae Valdez Balagot. Undergraduate at University of Hawai`i, Hilo. Biology Major : Molecular and Cellular. When she came to Hawaii she didn’t know a word of English. She feels very blessed because she had the opportunity to come to Hawaii and experience a whole new life and have a better education system compared to the school in her hometown back in the Philippines. Her career goals consist of aspiring to be a Pediatrician.

Nicole Garcia. Graduate Student – M.A. Heritage Management Program (Anthropology Department) at University of Hawai’i at Hilo. Nicole quoted in her personal statement, “To me, anthropology is the path to understanding how humans have learned from and contributed to the condition of the world today and how they (we) will frame the future.” Her special interest is the history of the paniolos and the north Hamakua coast.


Prior Scholarship Winners:

  • 2016: Mya Yee Nandar, Carola Geitner, Jelyn Heaster,  and Marleena Scheffield
  • 2015:  Ashley Fukuchi, Samantha Hanabaga, Kathleen Smith, and Heather Stever
  • 2014:  Mary Kathleen Howe, Ilana Stout, Hoang-Yen Nguyen, Stacey Reed
  • 2013: Debra Cannoles, Evelina Kocharov, Kristy Lungo, Noriko Sata
  • 2012: Christine Nguyen, Corina Sampaia, Ashli Hirai & Mariah Partida
  • 2011: Christine Nguyen & Corina Sampaia 
  • 2010: Jamie Lee Cookson  & Jenny Lee Ramos & Samantha Hanabaga
    Alison Martyn & Kelsea Machida 
  • 2009: Melissa Johnson & Kendall Rau 
  • 2008: Mahealani Lono & SJK Cardoza-Maikui 
  • 2007: Amanda Arce & Kerry Ogawa 
  • 2006: Lacey Price & Charmaine Bugado
  • 2005: Christina Rossman 
  • 2004: Tiffany DelaCruz & Ariel Marsh 
  • 2003: Jennifer Camp & Tricia Macayan
  • 2002: S. Goodman-Robinson 
  • 2001: Deborah Hamamoto 

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