Medical Equipment Lending Closet

Do you have equipment like walkers or shower seats stored away and not being used?  Would you like to share with an AAUW member in need?  Just email a list of the equipment you are willing to loan/donate along with your preferred contact information to and it will be posted on this web page.  Note: AAUW is indemnified from any claims, damages or costs which may arise out of the use of any of the medical equipment which may be lent or donated to persons using this web page.

Name: Susan Hicks
What I have: walker, crutches, can, bedside commode, commodes, shower seats, walkers, canes, and tub rails

Name: Sheryl Rawson
What I have: 2 walkers, shower bench, black 4-prong cane, vertically challenged adult person’s crutches, and commode

Name: Julie Goetsch
What I have: Commode and shower seat

Name: Nancy Bradwell
What I have: Folding Hurry Cane

Name: Annette Barr
What I have: transportation wheelchair, 2 walkers, shower chair, cane.