Aloha Hilo Branch AAUW Members

In this unsettled, difficult and scary time it is important to acknowledge and express gratitude for what we have. Your AAUW Hilo Branch Board would like to say thank you for the ongoing support and aloha spirit we have shared within our membership.

While we have had to postpone all of our events, book clubs, hikes and other occasions for gathering in groups, please know that we are a viable and active group, just working quietly from home.

Mahalo to Hilo Branch AAUW members for voting in our new AAUW Executive Board.  A very big thank you to Carolyn Murray, Mary Connie Banser and Nancy Bradwell for the expertise, time, and energy they have dedicated to the Executive Board the past two years. A very big thank you to Elizabeth Hansen for continuing as Membership Vice President for another year, to Faith Jones and Phyllis Cullen for taking on the challenges of events and fundraising as Co-Vice Presidents of Program and Fundraising, to Constance Cate for volunteering to be our recording and corresponding secretary, and welcome to Jennifer Wada as our new Treasurer.

Hilo Branch Members, we appreciate your support as we face these challenging times. Please contact any of our Board members if you would like to help in any way!

2021 Membership Dues:

Membership dues for the coming fiscal year are due July 1. The Hawaii State AAUW has voted to suspend the $10 State fee for this fiscal year, acknowledging financial hardship during this virus crisis. This will make the total dues for this fiscal year $75, National AAUW $59 and $16 for our local branch. Come June one, you will be receiving notices from our Membership Vice President and National AAUW about paying dues online. Please consider paying your dues online as this makes registration easier for our Membership VP and our Treasurer. You may continue to pay your dues by sending a check for $75 addressed to AAUW to our post office box. More information to follow June 1. 

This spring we have awarded scholarships to four  inspiring women. Please see our scholarship page for more information.  

Best Regards,
Annette Barr