Housing and Meals


Because KMC is an active military camp, attendees will need to make reservations specifically as AAUW convention guests. All units must be reserved as a unit. There are one, two and three bedroom units that need to be reserved as a unit. All units have televisions, fire places, coffee pots and microwaves. To reserve a unit, attendees will need to agree on a chosen unit and one person will put the deposit down. The reminder of the payment will be due upon checkout on Sunday. To make a reservation, contact Marian Sato either by phone or  email. (phone: 808 967-8333 or 808 967-8335 email: marian.k.sato.naf@army.mil

Three bedroom apartment with 6 beds and 1 sofa bed at $250/night

One bedroom apartment with 1 bed and 1 sofa bed at $160/night

Two bedroom cottage with 3 beds and 1 sofa bed at $210/night

Should you need to cancel your room reservation, there will be a full refund if cancelled a full thirty days before the convention.

You will need to reference the reservation locator 24w9vl. The following units have been put under the above reservation and the Hilo Branch has put down a deposit on the units. When a guest makes a reservation and puts down a deposit, the Hilo Branch will be refunded the deposit.

All meals will be held in the Koa Room, buffet style. Every effort has been made to accommodate a variety of dietary choices and food will be labeled as required. Your registration  fee  includes Friday night light dinner (heavy pupus), Saturday morning continental breakfast, Saturday lunch, Saturday full dinner, and Sunday morning full breakfast. No refunds on registration (includes food) after July 31.